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Intro ~ Savanna Kougar

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Intro ~ Savanna Kougar

Okay, animal shifter lovers, it’s time for an intro... which this Big Cat girl really doesn’t like doing... why? No tail-twitching clue... *languid shrug over the mystery*
So, here’s meowing at you... this is the intro on my Author’s page at Siren-BookStrand publishing.

Baby boomer and redhead, I've always danced to the beat of a different drum. I'm single and living on the tame cattle prairie of the Midwest with my beloved doggies. My interests are eclectic, and anything creative. And my imagination has always played a huge role in my life. Once, I lost my shoes when I was daydreaming ~ my second grade teacher decided I needed to learn a valuable lesson.
When I write, my imagination dwells in the mysteries, magic and mayhem of life and love. My romance stories also travel into the far reaches of space, time and other dimensions, where the past often meets the future. Think the Renaissance meets Buck Rogers. Think Romancing the Stone entwined with Stars Wars. Think extreme passion and the enchantment of love, cut with a fine erotic edge, like the finesse and fierceness of a blade during swordplay.
Most of all, as an author, I love my heroines and heroes. I love writing their stories, the various worlds they inhabit, and their adventures together.
Me as a blurb? Imagine a wild child of the sixties dancing as one with a silver screen' sex kitten. Imagine, if you will, a woman with a strange other-worldly fondness for words and pens, who is destined to write paranormal romances only for your personal pleasure.
Oh, by the way, I did graduate college with a B.A. in History, Summa Cum Laude, and I was one of the ten finalists in the American Title IV for my entry, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis.

Purring and lounging... here’s an interview that’s also on my Author’s page ~

Author's Profile

Q: What are your favorite romance genres to write?

A: Anything and everything in paranormal, sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy, and magic with pre-history thrown in, especially Atlantis.

Q: How long have you been writing paranormal?

A: As I recall, it was about age sixteen, inspired by all the romance novels I'd read (that was the era of sweet, keep-the-bedroom-doors-closed romance). Also, inspired by War and Peace, and of course, by Dr. Zhivago (Omar Shariff – oh be still my beating heart!), I began writing about an alternative timeline in Russia, where the hero rescues the heroine after she escapes from her abductors. My heroine is in need of a bath, so the secluded ice-cold pool it is, before he takes her back to his grand estate, since he's been in love with her for a long time.

Q: Did you continue writing paranormal fiction during your college years?

A: I took the creative writing classes available. Since that was ages ago, there was no actual degree, and the classes were newly offered. But yes, I wrote a short story about the day Atlantis was destroyed, sinking beneath the ocean waves. In an advanced writing class, I wrote a short story about a white witch who casts a spell for her 'perfect man'. One of the media students wanted to use my story as his final exam project, which was to produce a cable TV video. Unfortunately, my story was labeled as 'having no socially redeeming value' by the supervising professor. Gee, come to think of it, there went my promising script-writing career.

Q: Since you were writing paranormal romance stories before they became a mainstream staple, when did you realize you might have a chance to be published?

A: My sister gave me a book by one of her favorite romance authors (and mine), Jayne Ann Krentz. It was Sweet Starfire, published in 1986 under her pen name, Jayne Castle. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the story, I thought, My Gawd! I might actually have a shot at getting something published now.

Q: Do you have a favorite paranormal subgenre you prefer to write? Or is it a free for all?

A: With me, it's a free for all, definitely. I love combining various elements of all the paranormal subgenres, futuristic and magical, shape-shifting and sci-fi, the goddesses and gods of myth living in alternate timelines. If it's out there, I want to write it. Well, as long as it fits within the world I'm building for my heroine and hero.

Q: As a published author now, how did your career begin?

A: It was two almost simultaneous opportunities. Becoming a finalist in the American Title IV, the Romantic Times contest sponsored by Dorchester, for my entry, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis. And! Signing my very first contract with Siren Publishing for All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book I].

Now you know too much about the Kougar cat... yowl-however if you’re intrepid enough to continue, these are my current titles ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ the blue fantasy of world of Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry.
Red Lioness Tamed ~ the sci fi adventure of lioness shifter, Sun Rocket, and Captain Draxen Z.
When a Good Angel Falls ~ the 2012 endtimes story of the incarnated angel, Sedona, and her carnal cherub, Volcano.
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ the Otherworld suspense story and erotic romp of Corporal Katta and her shape-shifting stallion prince, Zio.
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ set in the year, 2051, on New Atlantis, this is a complex suspense story starring 100 year old, Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing and Fed Agent Zryphus Vasquoz, a Zerculeon.
Black Cat Beauty ~ the Halloween seductive tail of shifter, Sable Kiki, and rising movie superstar, Devon.
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ How many Superheroes does it take to satisfy SlashFlame Kitten, the one woman who dances like a fire goddess? Answer: the four Dark Valorous Brothers of Chrontropolis.

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